Your gift will help transform the lives of wounded heroes, innocent victims, vulnerable teens, and impressionable kids through equine therapy!THIS indoor arena will help make it possible for us to do just that! YOU can make this happen through your support!  
Imagine a military hero who suffers from PTSD and sees and feels the gentle grandeur of an equine partner and then experiences unforgettable experience her or she may not have felt in a very long time!
A victim of sexual abuse who wraps their arms around the neck of a horse and suddenly feels remarkable compassion...a feeling that may have been stolen from them.
A foster teen who looks into the eyes of their new found equine friend and makes an unconditional connection...a connection that promises an endearing friendship!  
Through Equine Assisted Pschotherapy (EAP),  Rainbow Meadows is dedicated to providing invaluable assistance, training, guidance, and friendship to those who so desperately need our help. These are people who not only need hope, healing and compassion in their lives, but also life changing strategies they can carry with them on their journey to wellness and beyond!    
EAP programs partner people with equines for healing.  The equines at Rainbow Meadows will be the partners we will be able to provide to help people regain control of their lives. Horses are sensitive and vigilant to emotion and movement.  They convey connection and understanding which can allow a person to feel safe.  They will help people develop trust, regain a sense of self worth, build and maintain relationships and so much more!
To be able to implement these programs in a safe and year round environment, the special haven where wonderful and heart warming things will happen is an indoor arena! This arena, a gift from donors such as yourself, truly will be a gift that keeps on giving as Rainbow Meadows reaches out with EAP programs for those suffering from debilitating trauma, abuse and instability.  You can be a part of this legacy through your giving! 
Our goal this year is to raise $20,000 towards this arena and the life changing programs that will happen there!  We have received a wonderful "match" from a donor who believes in our causewhich means the first $10,000 raised will be matched!  This arena project carries a $200,000 price tag!  This Giving Tuesday is our kick-off towards that goal and all funds raised will bethe seed funding to get us started!  
Please partner with us this year in making this arena and the programs it will house possible!  We may have a long ways to go, however with the support of those who believe in what we do, we know it will happen!  It is through compassionate supporters such as yourself that make it possible for us to do what we are so passionate about doing - helping and saving lives...both equine and human alike!

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With your donation please leave us a comment with your favorite Arena name from the list below.
#1. Arena of Hope
#2. Rainbow Arena
#3. Transformations Arena