Isis was seized with her dam, Bint Mi Seshata (a.k.a. Ses), by a Kansas humane society due to severe neglect and malnutrition. She came to Rainbow Meadows in the late winter of 2011 where she quickly proved to be a smart, spirited filly. She is a purebred Egyptian Arabian, sired by DHA Prince Shaskan. She has grown into a beautiful young mare and has been initially started under saddle while at Rainbow Meadows.

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Fortunate Five

As the grasses dwindled and winter grew nearer the community that surrounded the herd began to take notice. Realizing these horses had been abandoned, they came together, bringing in fresh water and hay to keep them alive long enough for county authorities to get the “rescue” process underway.

2017 Wild Wild West Benefit Gala Registration

April 8, 2017
Doors open at 5 p.m.
Fulton Valley Farms - 5079 SW Fulton Rd., Towanda, KS

Dress for the night in your wildest Wild West Best at our 2017 benefit and gala!

Enjoy a fabulous new facility featuring:

Operation Gelding

Keep your horses healthy and happy!!!

With the help of the Unwanted Horse Coalition and Dr. Jason Kiser DVM we will be conducting another gelding clinic. It will be located at the Winfield Fairgrounds in Winfield, KS from 10AM-12PM.

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