Lil Bit

Lil BIt

Lil’ Bit was abandoned at an auction in Wichita, Kansas - so thin that no one would even pay the minimum bid of $5.00 for this poor Pony of America mare. At over 20 years of age, blind in one eye and nearly blind in the other, she was covered in lice and filth when she arrived at Rainbow Meadows. She weighed in at less than 450 pounds and in truly pathetic condition. However, after a cleansing bath to kill the lice and another to treat all the skin lesions caused by them, a badly needed hoof trim, applications of various medications, and two good meals, she was already doing better by the end of the day. Rainbow Meadows worked daily to bring her back to good health before she went on to her forever home, where she was a wonderful companion to another blind horse for the remainder of her life. From Lil' Bit's adopter: Lil Bit stole our hearts the first time we saw her. She was a very sweet old girl and we will miss her greatly. Parting is such sweet sorrow. See you at the Bridge, Lil Bit.


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Lil BIt
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