How to Adopt

Many of the rescues at Rainbow Meadows are available for adoption to a loving home. Adopting a rescued horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience as you gift that horse with a second chance at life and, in return, you gain a wonderful new relationship and many lasting memories.

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How do I adopt?

The adoption process is split into six simple steps:

  • Step 1 - An adoption application is completed.
  • Step 2 - A personal interview is conducted with the adopter at Rainbow Meadows Ranch.
  • Step 3 - An appropriate "match" is made between the horse and new adoptive owner.
  • Step 4 - An evaluation/inspection of the horse's future home is completed.
    • Read facility inspection protocol.
      (Please note: Horses will only be adopted out to homes where they will be provided with a companion, such as another horse, mule or donkey.)
  • Step 5 - An Adoption Agreement is signed indicating that the new adoptive owner understands their responsibilities and our continued involvement in the horse's life.
  • Step 6 - Hopefully, the adopter believes in our mission and gives us a donation that will allow us to save another horse.


Please note: You will be asked to create an account in order to submit your adoption application. This should only take a few minutes and your personal information will be protected.

What is your adoption fee?

We choose not to require minimum adoption fees as we have confidence in our adopters that they will support our work by offering a financial gift when they acquire a horse through us.


How do I foster?

While nearly all the rescued horses and equids at Rainbow Meadows are available for adoption, Rainbow Meadows does foster those that would be categorized as “companion only” animals out to forever homes.  It is expected that the foster is making a lifetime commitment to the animal, which is generally elderly or otherwise suffering from a disability that makes it unsuitable for adoption. If interested in fostering, please contact Karen Everhart, Executive Director.


More questions?  Check out our FAQs or contact Karen Everhart, Executive Director.


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Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these beautiful creatures!