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Rescued from Alberta, Canada in 2004, Lexi had spent many years on the Premarin lines where she was used in the production of the hormone estrogen. This process required that she be kept 24 hours a day in a three-foot tie stall for seven months out of each year. When she arrived in Kansas, Lexi was extremely thin, frightened and pregnant. Over the years, she has gained greater trust in humans and lived out her days at Rainbow Meadows until... more


Ava’s dam, while pregnant with Ava, found herself in jeopardy and her future uncertain with her current owners at that time. Luckily, a kind soul stepped in and purchased the pregnant mare, providing her safe haven. Ava’s arrival was unremarkable, and this lovely Cremello mare had a great start in life. However, she was born visually impaired, creating a need for some additional assistance from her owners. Even with that impairment, though,... more


Seized with her filly, Isis, by a Kansas humane society due to severe neglect and malnutrition, Ses came to Rainbow Meadows nearly full-term pregnant. She is a registered Arabian, and foaled successfully in the spring 2011. Ses has spent much of her life as a broodmare, and shows signs of having had minimal training during that time. Because of her history of abuse, she is reactive and will require the kindest of hands and hearts to make her... more


Born and bred by her previous owners (but never registered, though parentage is known), Brecken was the “best friend” to her owners daughter. As the daughter grew up and became a mother herself, Brecken remained very important but the time and resources to start her under saddle was unavailable. With a young toddler and a second child on the way, a relatively mild, but time consuming injury to a hoof was daunting. It became imperative that... more


In October 2008, Breeze Future Poco (a.k.a. Breeze), a registered Quarter horse mare of highly desirable bloodlines, and her one-month-old filly, Misty Breeze (a.k.a. Misty), were taken to a Nebraska sale barn. Breeze was slated for sale to slaughter and the auction owner reported that if Misty wasn’t purchased as well, she would be shot after the mare left. Fortunately, a former killer buyer saw potential in the mare and made a point of... more


The daughter of a captured BLM Mustang, Celeste was born and grew up in a pasture with no human interaction. Her dam, Rena, had been abandoned by her owner and left with no care, even as a life grew within her. Luckily, the green grasses and a nearby pond provided Rena with the nourishment she needed to bring the healthy filly to term. Because of her abandonment, Celeste had many baby lessons to learn, but she has proved to be a bold and... more


Cookie was relinquished by a previous rescue operator who had owned her for an estimated four years but had not been successful in providing her needed training or desensitization. She receives daily handling at Rainbow Meadows but her previous abuse was likley some of the worst kind know. As a result she is terribly frightened of men.. She is a nice little hinney but will require an experienced handler to help ease her anxiety regarding... more


D’Arcy arrived at Rainbow Meadows with Twiggy in 2013 as the result of an owner that was unprepared for the realities of horse ownership. Not only are the costs of responsible care high but an individual must understand how to train and interact with the horse. D’Arcy was not receiving the routine care needed, but she was allowed to dominate her owner and as she grew from a weanling to a full-sized mare, things became dangerous. Fortunately... more


Dalah is a sweet, nicely trained mare. Her veterinarian recommended that she not be ridden by large adults and her previous owner was not a small man. Dalah's welfare was important to him and he was unwilling to subject her to the sale barn and risk of being purchased by the killers. He reached out to Rainbow Meadows to assist in finding her a good home. Note: Dalah has had a history of Equine Metabolic Syndrome when she was allowed to... more


Dawson was seized by law enforcement as an intact stallion in 2014 from near Lebo, KS, due to extreme neglect. He was placed into custodial care where he was immediately started on a rehabilitation program to counter the effects of malnutrition and neglect as well as to be gelded prior to coming to Rainbow Meadows. Dawson was signed over to Rainbow Meadows upon his previous owner’s conviction of animal cruelty, allowing him to be made... more