D’Arcy arrived at Rainbow Meadows with Twiggy in 2013 as the result of an owner that was unprepared for the realities of horse ownership. Not only are the costs of responsible care high but an individual must understand how to train and interact with the horse. D’Arcy was not receiving the routine care needed, but she was allowed to dominate her owner and as she grew from a weanling to a full-sized mare, things became dangerous. Fortunately her owner began to realize that she was out of her league and knew that the mare needed experienced handlers and an opportunity to become a good “equine citizen”. D’Arcy has learned to respect and appreciate humans and is a true "pocket pony". She has also begun her saddle training. She is a fast study and a quiet student.

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#RescueDoneRight - Meet Daxx!

Daxx - rescue done right

Daxx is as sweet as they come and ready to take you out on the trail...are you ready to make him the promise of forever?

#RescueDoneRight - Meet Stormy!

Stormy - Rescue done right

Stormy's ready to hit the trails, arena or just take that leisurely ride around the countryside.

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Adoptable Mare
Adoptable Mare
Adoptable Mare