Eli and two other young weanlings were dumped along the Kansas/Oklahoma border in the early summer of 2015. After failed attempts at catching these youngsters, local authorities left them to fend for themselves. Fortunately a local resident took the initiative to entice the horses onto her property to keep them safe. She provided care for a number of months before realizing that she had three yearlings which were not even halter trained and she was ill-prepared to provide the youngsters with the socialization the needed. Rainbow Meadows was asked, and agreed, to step in and provide safety and education. Eli was gelded upon arrival. He is a cautious young guy, requiring a patient and understanding handler.

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As the grasses dwindled and winter grew nearer the community that surrounded the herd began to take notice. Realizing these horses had been abandoned, they came together, bringing in fresh water and hay to keep them alive long enough for county authorities to get the “rescue” process underway.

2017 Wild Wild West Benefit Gala Registration

April 8, 2017
Doors open at 5 p.m.
Fulton Valley Farms - 5079 SW Fulton Rd., Towanda, KS

Dress for the night in your wildest Wild West Best at our 2017 benefit and gala!

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Adoptable Mare