Administrative/Health & Wellness Fee: $750.00


Quin, a 16 year old small gray mare, is part of a 7-horse herd located in the Wichita, KS area.  Much beloved by their aging owners, their future welfare is paramount.  As a result, the owners have reached out to request that Rainbow Meadows assist with rehoming,

The horses will all remain with their owners in Wichita, so interested parties will need to make arrangements to meet Quin at her home.  An Adoption Agreement, and all paramaters associated with adoptiion from Rainbow Meadows, will be completed.  Interested parties are directed to the Rainbow Meadows FAQ page here on the website.  Then, if in agreement, please review the Adoption Agreement and Facility Inspection Guidelines on our How To Adopt page before completing an Adoption Application.

Quin was adopted as a yearling in 2007 from Habitat for Horses in TX. Quin has had 90 days of professional training by Petra Newman and was used to teach their granddaughter how to ride. Quin was ridden regularly during lessons in 2012-2013 but has not since had a set riding schedule.



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Completed Ground Training
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Completed Training
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