kimi's picture
Kimi Wahl
Assistant to the Executive Director

Kimi Wahl first encountered horses as a small child on her uncle's ranch in Colorado when he put her on the back of a Mustang and instructed her simply to, "Stay on." That experience set into motion a deep love for horses and ranch work, and she spent part of each following summer with him and the horses. Kimi started volunteering at Rainbow Meadows in 2012 because she enjoys the opportunity to be around the horses and participate in their daily care and handling. She believes strongly in the rescue's mission of giving each horse a second chance at life. She started as the assistant to the executive director in May of 2015. Her love for animals extends beyond just horses as she is a devoted animal lover. She enjoys horseback riding (competing in endurance whenever possible) and reading, and always welcomes time well spent with any four-legged creature.