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Sherry Alquest
Board Member

Sherry was born in South Central Kansas and was raised in a small rural town in that area. Although she grew up on a farm among a variety of pets and livestock, horses were not part of the mix.  But Sherry often wished for a real horse while riding wooden stick horses as a little girl.

School, family, sports, and work became the activities that kept her busy during her early adult life. But everything changed when Sherry discovered a friend who owned several horses and whose interest in horses mirrored hers.  The two both loved adventure and those adventures always involved horses.  Together they camped and rode trails in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and Tennessee. They also competed in NATRC and experienced endurance riding.

Sherry is now very content to not compete and prefers to trail ride locally on their horses who all have direct ties back to her adventurous friend who taught her how to love and care for horses.

Sherry and her husband currently have four Tennessee Walking Horses, including a soon to be 33-year-old gelding. They also have a mule out of a TWH mare.  Unfortunately, he did not get her smooth gait, but he did get her great personality and sorrel color.

Sherry has been an active volunteer for Rainobw Meadows for several years and often comes to help with chores.