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Darla Daley

Darla Daley grew up on a small farm in Texas, far from town and lost among the dirt roads. That country living meant that she had little else to do but work with animals. Her first pony was a gift from her grandfather and came when she was about four years old. From that time on, she was never without a horse until she met the love and married the love of her life, Keith, and the pair moved to the city in the Salk Lake Valley in Utah. After several cross-state moves, the pair arrived in Kansas in 1983, where they lived in the Haysville area until their children graduated high school. They then found a country home where Darla could once again have her horses. She started volunteering at Rainbow Meadows several years ago and thoroughly enjoys every minute lending a helping hand. When not working or volunteering, she enjoys reading, riding and camping, and hopes to soon retire to be able to spend more time doing those things. She has two children and five grandkids she enjoys spending time with.