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Anita Grove
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Anita Grove was born with an innate love and passion for horses.  Her mother was a horsewoman and her grandfather owned and trained many thoroughbred race horses and Percheron pulling teams.

Before she could walk, Anita was riding on her precious paint pony, Jiggs, a gift from her grandfather.   Her grandfather had a great respect and admiration for the horse which was ingrained in Anita.

Anita’s husband, Earl, also shares her compassion for horses.  When their son, Chris, left home for college, and as a gift from her parents, they purchased their first horse.  Several horses later, the Lord blessed them with the most awesome pair of seasoned team roping horses…George and Hammer.  George taught Anita to ride again and is, in her eyes, the greatest horse to ever live. 

Anita and Earl also raised miniature horses.  Several years ago, the need for a protective herd guardian arose.  Anita learned of Rainbow Meadows from a friend and immediately contacted them.   Rainbow Meadows provided them with a lot of valuable information in regards to various protective measures and introduced them to their perfect match…Peter Pan!  This spunky little pony mule turned out to be just what they needed and they love and appreciate him dearly.

Anita developed a great affection for the rescue and the work they do and became a volunteer.  Being able to help the horses in any way is such a blessing to her.  Horses are the most gorgeous animals and can reach deep into our soul. 

Their herd of 2 quarter horses, a pony mule, and 4 miniature mares provides Anita with much love and relaxation just being around them.  She also enjoys visiting their son, spending time with their 5 dogs, eating out with friends, and traveling.

Anita has previously worked for two different non-profit organizations and has been an active volunteer for several non-profits.