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Keith Daley
Board Member

Growing up as a city boy, Keith didn’t have a lot of interaction with animals with the exception of the cats and dogs that most kids have growing up. He always enjoyed his time spent on his Grandpa’s sheep ranch and also looked forward to picking and eating the fresh peas out of the field. Never a stranger to hard work, Keith bought his first bicycle at age 12 and delivered newspapers for spending money. He always had a steady job while going to school. Keith enlisted in the military at age 17 and met the love of his life, Darla, two years later. After living in several states because of job requirements, the pair moved their young family to Kansas in the early 80’s.  They lived in town until their two children graduated high school, then they began looking for a place where they could have horses.

Keith and Darla moved to their current residence and purchased their first horses a few years later.  With that, they started pleasure riding and camping with friends. Having worked with David Everhart, Rainbow Meadows business manager, at McConnell Air Force Base, Keith knew the rescue’s background and how it got started following the Everharts’ retirement and subsequent move. In the early years, he seldom made it out to Rainbow Meadows because of job requirements. But since he retired, he enjoys volunteering every chance he gets. Keith and Darla have adopted one of the rescue horses and enjoy working with him. Once Darla retires, the pair hope to travel with their two horses to ride trails throughout the country.